Difference Between A Tent, Temporary Structure, Canopy And A Marquee

Monash-Clayton-Feb-2012-010Perhaps you have heard about tent, marquee or canopy. But do you know their differences?

Tent – This is a temporary structure that has a covering made of a pliable membrane, which is supported by such mechanical means as metal frames, poles, columns, ropes, beams, cables, or arches.

Tensile Tent – This is a temporary fabric structure that will share characteristics with the pole-supported tent. However, it relies more on the tensioning of the fabric roof for its structural shape and integrity. Tensioned fabric must be used to resist applied loads as well as to shape the fabric membrane, which further means that there will be less traditional support structures required.

Tensile Structure – This is a permanent fabric structure that will rely on the tensioning of the fabric roof for its structural shape and integrity. This is otherwise known as a tension structure.

Temporary Structure – This is any structure like a tent that will be placed for a maximum of 180 consecutive days. It varies depending on the individual building codes.

Canopy – This is an architectural fabric projection that will provide weather protection, decoration or identity. This is ground-support apart from being supported by the building where the canopy is attached. This term will also refer to a small tent, an awning or a tent with no sidewalls.

Marquee – This is a canopy that projects over a doorway or entrance. This is also the term used to describe a connecting canopy between 2 tents.

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