Simple And Natural Organic Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

cockroach-close-upThere is something about cockroaches that make people treat them with disgust. These creatures even scare some people, mostly women. This is because of the germs that cockroaches carry with them. It is the major reason why when roaches are seen crawling in one’s house, homeowners quickly find ways to get rid of them. There are lots of ways to get rid of these roaches. Several folks have been practicing the organic and natural route, which is far safer than the use of strong cockroach-killing chemicals. One other advantage of this method is it helps repel other insects including ants, bugs and termites. The goal behind this organic pest control, as pest control specialists would share, is that homes can maintain an environment that is free of roaches as well as good sanitation practices.

One simple yet effective way of controlling these pests is blocking entry paths. In pest control, it is advisable that homeowners have screens attached to their door and their windows. Having the appropriate coverings for drainages also helps a lot in preventing roaches from climbing and getting in through those holes in the bathrooms and sinks.

Also, having catnips at home is another advantage for you for they have a natural repelling substance called “Nepetalactone”. This same substance is also found in plants like Osage orange, sweet laurel and bay leaves.

Lastly, regular cleaning is the most effective way to ensure that your house is free from cockroaches and other pests. A clean and odor-free home does not appeal much to cockroaches. Hence, these disgusting pests won’t bother staying and crawling in your home.

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DIY Landscaping Tips For Homeowners Who Want To Save Money

Landscaping-DeKalb-IL-300x188Landscaping can be very expensive as what many homeowners say. If you do not have enough knowledge in landscaping, then your only option is to hire the experts which can be a little costly especially if you do not have a spared budget for it. However, landscaping experts actually share some DIY landscaping tips that homeowners can do to avid spending money on landscaping services. Although hiring the experts is the best way to get the results you wanted, you can try a few simple landscaping ideas to save money. Check out the following.

  • Choose easy to maintain grass and plants. Notice the landscapes and lawns of your neighbors and check the types of grass and plants they use. Take note of the types that are thriving and easy to maintain. It actually varies depending on your area but opt for the types that are not high maintenance.
  • Use recycled fixtures. For stepping stones, you can opt for homemade pathways. There are lots of ideas you can find online. Take advantage of furniture you no longer use such as an old bench, table, bells or even Christmas decors.

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Some Landscaping Facts You Must Know

Sustainable-Landscaping-TrendsPlanning your landscape will guarantee a thriving and lasting curb appeal. Here are some of the must-knows to successfully achieve a superb outdoor space.

Strong Edging – Did you know that having a barrier between your garden and lawn is crucial? Of course, you must install a strong edging. Materials to choose from will include plastic, stone or steel.

Mulch – Apart from helping maintain the soil, mulch is also decorative. If you use darker mulch, the color of your plants will stand out more.

Keeping Things In Groups – Generally, you must group things in threes or fives. From a distance, this strategy will help keep things look full. It is recommended to get various color that will bloom at different seasons.

Drainage – To ensure that water won’t pool in one spot, you must use soil in order to build up low areas of your garden. This is very crucial if you have dense clay soil in your yard since this will allow very little drainage.

Sunlight – Determining how much sunlight the plants must receive is likewise very important. If there is only too little amount of sunlight, they will not thrive. And if there will be too much sunlight, the plants might be burned.

Did you know that the planning stage is the most crucial part of achieving a well-designed, well-maintained landscape? Before buying what you need, you must first set your landscape budget. Experts highly emphasized that the actual planting part is the last step.

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Materials Used For Window Frames

041220121150444671-266x400When choosing the best window for your property, it is very crucial for you to know the materials the window is made from. Wood or vinyl is the most popular window materials nowadays. But there are also variations like wood clad windows.

Wood – This is not just beautiful but has also excellent insulating properties to resist cold and heat. But the natural look of wood will involve substantial care. Aside from periodic staining or painting, windows made from wood must be treated to make them moisture-safe and rot-safe.

Vinyl – This has become one of the most popular choices among property owners today. This material is maintenance-free. Also, it has excellent insulation, looks great and is reasonably priced.

Vinyl Clad – Windows made from this material offer the elegance of wood on the inside with a vinyl coating on the frame’s exterior. This will offer the maintenance free features, which make vinyl very popular, whilst giving the natural feel and beauty of stained wood on the inside.

Different Types Of Glass For Windows

Low Emissivity – This will refer to glass with a special microscopically thin, virtually invisible layer of material on the glass’ surface that acts to lessen the amount of heat that can flow through it.

Impact Resistant – Though this glass can easily be cracked by a baseball, it won’t shatter and spread glass shards around the place. The main benefit of this type of glass is that it can hold up beautifully under harsh weather conditions.

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What Makes The Grass Green?

lawn-care-auburndale-flGrass is a kind of plant that is often cut short by a lawnmower or grazing animals. But do you know why grass is green? Similar to any other plants, grass produces chlorophyll, a bright pigment, in its leaves. Chlorophyll appears green because some of the colours that make up the sunlight are absorbed whereas the green is reflected. If the green reflected light will reach you eyes, you see grass as color green.

Chlorophyll – What Is It?

Chlorophyll is a chemical that is found in the leaves of plants. It actually plays a very important role in how plants make their food. It has the ability to store the light coming from the sun. The plant will make use of this energy in order to power a chemical reaction that happens in its leaves – and this is known as photosynthesis.

During photosynthesis, the water that is taken up from the soil and the carbon dioxide obtained from the air will combine in order to form glucose, which is a type of sugar that has plenty of energy in chemical form. The plant will use this sugar in powering up its life activities.

Other Grass Facts

Did you know that grasses have flowers also? Florets refer to the small flowers in most grass species. They actually grow in small groups known as spikelets that collectively form inflorescences.

Do you know how grasses are reproduced? There are 2 major methods. Stems creeping along the ground are called “stolons” while stems growing below ground are called “rhizomes”.

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Xeriscape – What Is It?

Xeriscape is otherwise known as dry-scape. This very sensible approach will indeed allow you to conserve water efficiently whist enjoying a very attractive yard.

Benefits Of Xeriscape

waterscape-2-300x225Conserves water – More than 50% of residential water is often applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape can significantly reduce landscape water use by around 50-75%.

No pesticides or fertilizers – By using the plants native to your area, the need for chemical supplements will be eliminated. Enough nutrients will definitely be provided by healthy organic soil.

Less maintenance – Though occasional weeding and pruning is very important, water requirements are very low. It can actually be met with simple irrigation systems only.

Offers wildlife habitat – Native plants, trees and shrubs are among the best habitat for local wildlife.

No pollution – The fossil fuel that gar mowers consume will be minimized, if not eliminated. A reel mower is enough to maintain small turf areas.

Boosts property value – An excellent Xeriscape will help increase property values. By drought-proofing your landscaping investment, you can protect it.

Some Xeriscaping Tips

  • Windbreaks will help the soil and plants from blowing dry. You can actually make use of tall ornamental grasses, trees, shrubs or hedges as natural windbreakers.
  • Clip off or pick faded flowers as this prolongs blooming time.
  • Know the annual precipitation for your region. Also, know how that precipitation is spread through the entire year. This is very beneficial in choosing the right plants.

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Simple Mistakes To Avoid In Lawn Maintenance

02In order to keep your lawn looking lavish, you have to spend some money on accessories and necessary lawn care kits. However, there are a bunch of mistakes that people will make when trying to make their lawn look the best on their block. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Below are some of the common mistakes you must prevent.

1. Beautiful lawns require good soil to thrive in. Soil quality is extremely important and can mean the life or death of your lawn. That was the first thing that you really should think about before you spend a dime. To get things off right, you should have someone test your soil before you spend a dime on anything else. This first step is an investment that can help you avoid future problems. Your lawn’s soil can make or break your lawn care efforts even with the best tools and accessories.

2. You should never cut your grass too close to the root. Mowing your grass slowly is the ideal situation. Just tossing the mower over the grass can lead to accidents and a sloppy looking lawn. Cutting your lawn too short will make it take a long time to grow back but the downside is that weeds and other unwanted pests will be able to seed much easier.

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