Thought-Provoking Facts About MCT Oil

Picture1Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT are fats found in foods like coconut oil. It is a supplement that has plenty of fats. It is claimed to offer plenty of health benefits.

Triglyceride is just the technical term for fat, and this has 2 main purposes. First, they are transported into cells and burned for energy. Second, they are stored as body fat. Because of their shorter chain length, they are rapidly broken down and absorbed into the body. They go straight to the liver.

MCTs can be used as an instant source for energy or turned into ketones, the substances produced if the liver breaks down huge amounts of fat. Ketones can cross easily from the blood to the brain, thereby giving an alternative source of energy for the brain.

2 Main Sources Of MCTs

Whole Food Sources – These are the richest in MCTs. Dairy products, palm kernel oil, and coconut oils are among the great sources of MCTs.

MCT Oil – This is a very concentrated source of MCT. It is man-made through fractionation, which involves extracting and isolating the MCTs from palm kernel or coconut oil.

Recommended Dosage

MCT oil is considered safe for most people. It is not clear though what dose is needed in order to obtain possible health benefits. However, most supplement labels suggest 1-3 tablespoons every day. Avoid possible side effects by taking small doses like 1 teaspoon a day, and increasing the dosage slowly.

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Interesting Biohacking Facts

14601014695_30cfe1972d_z-150x150Biohacking is the combination of biology and hacking. This is a way for people to efficiently hack their bodies so they can achieve their goals. A hack may mean taking in the right supplement to enhance their cognitive activity. In other words, biohacking is the practice of managing your own biology through the use of nutritional, medical, electronic and physical techniques.

Biohacking is actually a term that only few people know and understand. But as modern technology continue to grow; it is bound to become more popular.

The Origin Of Biohacking

Human beings have always wanted to enhance their bodies. In fact, this is among the central parts of being human. Biohacking arose from the idea of constantly desiring to improve physical ability, brain power and overall human strength.

Biohacking also has its origin from these 2 ideologies:

  1. Transhumanism – This is the belief that it is in humanity’s best interest to boost the human condition using modern technology.
  2. Biopunk – This is the belief that anyone must have access to genetic information.

Ways To Start Biohacking

  • Improve your posture
  • Boost your nutrition
  • Interact with nature
  • Change your perspective and build tolerance
  • Use the kind of music that works for you
  • Learn how to hack your “flow”

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Facts About Medical Marijuana

marijuana-998664_960_720Marijuana is the widely used illegal drug among younger generations. If people make use of it, they will have difficulty doing tasks that require coordination or concentration. Most likely, they will forget what they said or did just a couple of minutes earlier. Though most studies showed that it is not as harmful as other drugs, it is emphasized that it is still dangerous to the people using it and to those around them.

Similar to other abused drugs, it is against the law to use Marijuana or even to have it in possession. But due to the fact that it has excellent medicinal value, some places made it legal to use such drug to treat illnesses.

Medicinal marijuana refers to the use of the unprocessed, whole marijuana plant or its basic extracts in treating different symptoms of illness and other conditions.

In 2001, Canada became the very first nation to allow its citizens to make use of marijuana for medical purposes for specific conditions.

The Use of Medical Marijuana In Florida

January 3, 2017 marks the first day that patients in Florida can have access to medical marijuana. However, do not expect physicians to easily hand out marijuana. There are still strict rules to follow. In fact, getting access to the drug is a costly and timely process.

Patents must complete several requirements for them to receive the drug. But even when the doctor determines that a certain patient qualifies for medical marijuana, it will take another 3 months for him to actually receive the drug.

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What You Need To Know When Breastfeeding

babynutrition-1_tcm1243-60255It cannot be denied that breastfeeding is, indeed, best for babies. Health experts and nutritionists all agree that nothing is quite better than a mother’s breast milk for babies. It has all the needed nutrients, minerals and vitamins that a baby needs to grow healthy and develop normally. In addition to this, breast milk also boosts immunity.

If you are a mother who’s new to breastfeeding, here are a few tips to remember.

  • Know when to feed your baby. Every time your baby is hungry, you should feed him. However, it can be hard and confusing to the time when your baby is hungry. Most parents say that when a baby cries, is means he is hungry. This is partly true, however, crying is a late indication of a baby’s hunger. Observe your baby closely and see if he is smacking his lips or sucking his tongue, fingers or any objects near him. When he does these things, it is time to feed him with your breast milk. Even when he is asleep, he may still be feeling hungry. So if it is time for him to be fed but he is still sleeping, you can wake him up slowly. Once he is already sucking your milk, he may still be half asleep. This is fine as long as he gets to suck milk.
  • Know how to breast feed your baby. There are several different positions for mothers and babies during breastfeeding time. The technique is to find a comfortable position. Back support is very important so ensure that you have a comfortable back support and your baby is in a comfortable position as well.

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Tips For Better Posture And Overall Health

03We live in a society that is suffering an obesity epidemic these days. Despite this statistics, it is interesting to know that we continue to spend more money on gym memberships, fitness equipment and fitness videos. But, where is the weakest link? Why can’t we achieve that toned body?

We start with great enthusiasm to join a fitness club and we even attend for at least a few weeks and then something always happens to throw us a curved ball and we seem to lose the interest to keep attending. This is where motivation comes into the picture. Think of any supreme athlete. They have desire and motivation and this is why they remain so dedicated to their training. Many people in gyms often do exercises that are either unproductive or just a waste of their time. Instead we should focus on compound exercises and circuit training. These introduces the maximum number of muscles fibers and will not only burn more calories but will create a greater ‘afterburn’ enabling your body to carry on burning calories long after you have finished your workout.

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The Importance Of A Healthy Facial Care Routine

03One of the main reasons why lines wrinkles and blemishes are forming on your skin is because of oxidation. Free radicals form and these chemical molecules will move around your body causing damage to your skin cells.  In order to fight the free radicals you need to apply natural facial care products that contain antioxidants. In addition, if you eat fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants then that will help repair your body as well. One of the most effective natural antioxidants is called CoEnzyme Q10 in a nano emulsion form. This substance penetrates deep into the layers of skin to destroy the free radicals in the skin.

Besides using an effective natural facial care product there are other things you can do that will benefit your skin. So many people do not realize that drinking plenty of water is good for your skin. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, and by not drinking enough, your skin can dry out. Exercising regularly will help keep our skin from becoming loose and saggy. In addition, try to avoid smoking and drinking excessively. All these things can contribute to the appearance of your skin. Your facial care routine should involve much more than just using natural skin care products.

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Is Skin Exfoliation Important To Do?

06Exfoliating dead skin cells is one of the simplest ways to achieve the fresh and healthy glow of new skin. After all, that’s exactly what exfoliating is — removing the top layer of dead skin cells and allowing the new and healthier skin cells to rise to the surface. Simply washing your skin with traditional soap and water isn’t enough. To remove those nasty dead skin cells you will need to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis.

There are several reasons that exfoliating is good for your skin. Regular exfoliating gives your skin a more radiant look and a smoother feel. Over time, it can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and will contribute to your skin’s firmness and tone. It increases the blood circulation in the skin, helps to remove toxins, rids your skin of dry, rough patches, and can even help to break down and lessen the appearance of cellulite, something we would all be grateful not to have. The reasons for exfoliating your dead skin cells are compelling but just how regularly you do it makes a lot of difference. There are such a large variety of products on the market today that it can be quite difficult to decide where to start.

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