Simple And Natural Organic Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

cockroach-close-upThere is something about cockroaches that make people treat them with disgust. These creatures even scare some people, mostly women. This is because of the germs that cockroaches carry with them. It is the major reason why when roaches are seen crawling in one’s house, homeowners quickly find ways to get rid of them. There are lots of ways to get rid of these roaches. Several folks have been practicing the organic and natural route, which is far safer than the use of strong cockroach-killing chemicals. One other advantage of this method is it helps repel other insects including ants, bugs and termites. The goal behind this organic pest control, as pest control specialists would share, is that homes can maintain an environment that is free of roaches as well as good sanitation practices.

One simple yet effective way of controlling these pests is blocking entry paths. In pest control, it is advisable that homeowners have screens attached to their door and their windows. Having the appropriate coverings for drainages also helps a lot in preventing roaches from climbing and getting in through those holes in the bathrooms and sinks.

Also, having catnips at home is another advantage for you for they have a natural repelling substance called “Nepetalactone”. This same substance is also found in plants like Osage orange, sweet laurel and bay leaves.

Lastly, regular cleaning is the most effective way to ensure that your house is free from cockroaches and other pests. A clean and odor-free home does not appeal much to cockroaches. Hence, these disgusting pests won’t bother staying and crawling in your home.

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