How Resumes Revolved

Resume-Writing-Format-San-Jose-CA-Infinity-Staffing-ServicesOver the hundred years, the resume changed drastically that have passed since the official resume in 1482 was created by Leonardo da Vinci. This was originally a type of letter of introduction but it is now the most important portion of a recruitment process.

After which, resumes started to become an institution. In 1930, it was just used for formalities sake wherein most of them were written on scraps over lunch with employers. And in 1950, resumes are no longer just formalities because they are now expected.

Here comes the digital age. In 1970, digital typesetting and word processors made resume more salesy and professional. In the 1980s, the first VHS portfolios are used and recorded, online checks began as well, and fax machines became a great way of sending resumes.

In 1994, the Internet goes public. In 1995, email became a new way of sending a resume. 2002 marked the beginning of Optima Resume.

Moreover, video resumes smashed YouTube in 2007. And in 2008, resume objectives are already out. Position statements and summaries are in. LinkenIn has dominated employment and networking and personal branding through SEO and keywords become a worry.

Today, resumes contain various social media links already. However, they are now shorter but with more multimedia and visuals. Infographic resumes and Digital CVs are now trending.

Other Interesting Resume Facts

  • Generally, prospective employers spent about 15-20 seconds reviewing a resume for the first time.
  • In today’s competitive job market, a professionally prepared resume will boost the success rate of getting interviewed by your chosen employer.
  • Also, a professional prepared resume will just cost about 0.01% of your salary for the first year.

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