An Inside Look At Cotton’s Story

cottonToday, there are plenty of products that are created from cotton. Most people forget that what they wear and use on a daily basis comes from a crop, and should be harvested every year in order to meet the demand worldwide.

Did you know that cotton has been cultivated for more than 5,000 years? And it was only halfway through the 20th century that farming methods move away from horse plowing and handpicking.

These days, there are already advanced machineries that allow farmers to efficiently grow cotton. Though cotton take on plenty of forms, including a bag, shirt and a cleansing wipe, it is very important for you to know where it actually came from.

How Cotton Is Grown & Processed

The best time to plant cottonseed is when the soil is warm enough for the seeds to germinate. A healthy plant will flower that will first turn to yellow-white before it becomes red. Then, it will die, leaving a boll. And when this boll burst, the cotton will be dried by the sun. It is now ready to be harvested.

The harvested cotton will then be converted into modules. One module of cotton usually weight 20,000 pounds. This module will be taken to the gin, where the real transformation happens.

Once the cleaning process is done, it will enter into a condenser, which converts the cotton lint into 500-pound bales of cotton. These bales will then be shipped to manufacturers or textile mills. From there comes apparel that can range from socks to t-shirts to dresses to bags.

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