Materials Used For Window Frames

041220121150444671-266x400When choosing the best window for your property, it is very crucial for you to know the materials the window is made from. Wood or vinyl is the most popular window materials nowadays. But there are also variations like wood clad windows.

Wood – This is not just beautiful but has also excellent insulating properties to resist cold and heat. But the natural look of wood will involve substantial care. Aside from periodic staining or painting, windows made from wood must be treated to make them moisture-safe and rot-safe.

Vinyl – This has become one of the most popular choices among property owners today. This material is maintenance-free. Also, it has excellent insulation, looks great and is reasonably priced.

Vinyl Clad – Windows made from this material offer the elegance of wood on the inside with a vinyl coating on the frame’s exterior. This will offer the maintenance free features, which make vinyl very popular, whilst giving the natural feel and beauty of stained wood on the inside.

Different Types Of Glass For Windows

Low Emissivity – This will refer to glass with a special microscopically thin, virtually invisible layer of material on the glass’ surface that acts to lessen the amount of heat that can flow through it.

Impact Resistant – Though this glass can easily be cracked by a baseball, it won’t shatter and spread glass shards around the place. The main benefit of this type of glass is that it can hold up beautifully under harsh weather conditions.

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