Some Surprising Facts About Tyres

4-tyre-maintenance-tips-for-safe-tyres-1Tyres on your car are black and round. They keep you rolling on the road. But aside from these, there are other facts regarding tyres you might not know yet. Did you know that there are several factors like recycling and disposal to consider?

Tyre Facts That May Surprise You

Since the 1960s, roads have actually been made from used tyres. Recycled tyres are being shredded and mixed with asphalt to yield safer, recycled and more eco-friendly roads.

In Europe, it is illegal for anyone to store wasted or used tyres in landfill sites. It was in 2006 that the EU made it illegal for whole or shredded tyres to be left on the dump to rot. Still, around 3 million tons of tyres are being left on landfills around mainland EU every year.

Fuel efficiency can be improved by choosing premium tyres. If you are to purchase premium, quality tyre, you can actually save the price of 2-3 tanks of fuel every year.

Did you know that the earliest tyres weren’t made from rubber at all? They were made with bands of iron and steel before they were attached to wagons and carts. The tyre was heated and placed on the wheel, where it will cool and contract around the base.

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