What You Need To Know When Breastfeeding

babynutrition-1_tcm1243-60255It cannot be denied that breastfeeding is, indeed, best for babies. Health experts and nutritionists all agree that nothing is quite better than a mother’s breast milk for babies. It has all the needed nutrients, minerals and vitamins that a baby needs to grow healthy and develop normally. In addition to this, breast milk also boosts immunity.

If you are a mother who’s new to breastfeeding, here are a few tips to remember.

  • Know when to feed your baby. Every time your baby is hungry, you should feed him. However, it can be hard and confusing to the time when your baby is hungry. Most parents say that when a baby cries, is means he is hungry. This is partly true, however, crying is a late indication of a baby’s hunger. Observe your baby closely and see if he is smacking his lips or sucking his tongue, fingers or any objects near him. When he does these things, it is time to feed him with your breast milk. Even when he is asleep, he may still be feeling hungry. So if it is time for him to be fed but he is still sleeping, you can wake him up slowly. Once he is already sucking your milk, he may still be half asleep. This is fine as long as he gets to suck milk.
  • Know how to breast feed your baby. There are several different positions for mothers and babies during breastfeeding time. The technique is to find a comfortable position. Back support is very important so ensure that you have a comfortable back support and your baby is in a comfortable position as well.

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