What Makes The Grass Green?

lawn-care-auburndale-flGrass is a kind of plant that is often cut short by a lawnmower or grazing animals. But do you know why grass is green? Similar to any other plants, grass produces chlorophyll, a bright pigment, in its leaves. Chlorophyll appears green because some of the colours that make up the sunlight are absorbed whereas the green is reflected. If the green reflected light will reach you eyes, you see grass as color green.

Chlorophyll – What Is It?

Chlorophyll is a chemical that is found in the leaves of plants. It actually plays a very important role in how plants make their food. It has the ability to store the light coming from the sun. The plant will make use of this energy in order to power a chemical reaction that happens in its leaves – and this is known as photosynthesis.

During photosynthesis, the water that is taken up from the soil and the carbon dioxide obtained from the air will combine in order to form glucose, which is a type of sugar that has plenty of energy in chemical form. The plant will use this sugar in powering up its life activities.

Other Grass Facts

Did you know that grasses have flowers also? Florets refer to the small flowers in most grass species. They actually grow in small groups known as spikelets that collectively form inflorescences.

Do you know how grasses are reproduced? There are 2 major methods. Stems creeping along the ground are called “stolons” while stems growing below ground are called “rhizomes”.

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