Xeriscape – What Is It?

Xeriscape is otherwise known as dry-scape. This very sensible approach will indeed allow you to conserve water efficiently whist enjoying a very attractive yard.

Benefits Of Xeriscape

waterscape-2-300x225Conserves water – More than 50% of residential water is often applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape can significantly reduce landscape water use by around 50-75%.

No pesticides or fertilizers – By using the plants native to your area, the need for chemical supplements will be eliminated. Enough nutrients will definitely be provided by healthy organic soil.

Less maintenance – Though occasional weeding and pruning is very important, water requirements are very low. It can actually be met with simple irrigation systems only.

Offers wildlife habitat – Native plants, trees and shrubs are among the best habitat for local wildlife.

No pollution – The fossil fuel that gar mowers consume will be minimized, if not eliminated. A reel mower is enough to maintain small turf areas.

Boosts property value – An excellent Xeriscape will help increase property values. By drought-proofing your landscaping investment, you can protect it.

Some Xeriscaping Tips

  • Windbreaks will help the soil and plants from blowing dry. You can actually make use of tall ornamental grasses, trees, shrubs or hedges as natural windbreakers.
  • Clip off or pick faded flowers as this prolongs blooming time.
  • Know the annual precipitation for your region. Also, know how that precipitation is spread through the entire year. This is very beneficial in choosing the right plants.

Trivia Info Resource: www.shannonlandscaping.com


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