Tips For Better Posture And Overall Health

03We live in a society that is suffering an obesity epidemic these days. Despite this statistics, it is interesting to know that we continue to spend more money on gym memberships, fitness equipment and fitness videos. But, where is the weakest link? Why can’t we achieve that toned body?

We start with great enthusiasm to join a fitness club and we even attend for at least a few weeks and then something always happens to throw us a curved ball and we seem to lose the interest to keep attending. This is where motivation comes into the picture. Think of any supreme athlete. They have desire and motivation and this is why they remain so dedicated to their training. Many people in gyms often do exercises that are either unproductive or just a waste of their time. Instead we should focus on compound exercises and circuit training. These introduces the maximum number of muscles fibers and will not only burn more calories but will create a greater ‘afterburn’ enabling your body to carry on burning calories long after you have finished your workout.

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