People and Cars on the Road Throughout the World

chrysler-building-569317__340There are more than 646 million cars on the road throughout the world. If each one of us around the world would climb up into an automobile all at the same time, then there would be an average of 12 persons in every car.

The number of people per car also varies in each country. In the US, there are about two persons in every car. In Europe, there are about 5 people per automobile. In Russia, there are about 24 people. And in China, there are more than thousands about 1,300 people in every car!

When it comes to car ownership, United States ranks first with people owning more than 30% of the world’s automobile, that is including cars, buses, and trucks. And more than 60% of household in the US owns more than one motor vehicle. In fact, American motorists traveled an average of 2 trillion miles within a year.

The second in ranking in the numbers owned is Japan, but it is the first when it comes to being the leading producers of passenger cars. United States comes second. Germany is the third. France is fourth. And South Korea is on the fifth spot.

Other countries that were recorded to have high automobile ownership includes Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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