Service Maintenance Procedures For Your Armoured Vehicle

07Certain vehicle designs made by armoured vehicle manufacturers consider all maintenance needs in order to properly ensure that their vehicles can be effectively supported in the front line. Some of the most important procedures done are as follows:

  1. Logistic Support Analysis (particularly for buyers from overseas).
  2. Customer Training, which they deliver at their facility or at the customer’s site using the latest interactive training systems for the operator of the vehicle and its maintainer.
  3. Technical Documentation, which is provided in the format and language preferred by the customer and includes Operator Manuals and Service Book, Maintenance Manuals, Illustrated Parts Catalogue, and Training Manuals.
  4. Initial Provisioning, which identifies the initial spare parts provisioning requirements after a full failure analysis and determination of system reliability.
  5. Special Tools and Test Equipment.

In addition to those, they also design their support packages according to customers’ specific requirements. It’s important to mention though that these packages already come with the standard Maintenance Strategy & Maintenance Concept, Level of Repair Analysis based on the vehicle architecture and the customer maintenance levels foundation, Maintenance Task Analysis, Maintenance Plan Development, Reliability-centered Maintenance Analysis, Prognostics and Health Management, and Training Requirements Analysis.

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