What You Need To Consider When Choosing Letterboxes

06Aside from its main purpose of getting all the letters received, a letterbox can help make a great first impression for your home. The right letterbox can delicately show your own personal taste and style to your visitors. For many homeowners, a draft excluder is a welcome feature for a letterbox. But apart from the draft excluder, you may want to look at how a letterbox opens. A letterbox which uses a spring to close its flap will help minimize the effects of drafts.

A traditional letterbox often runs through the door. However, you may want to opt for a different style of letterbox. One such alternative is a letterbox that is mounted on a wall. This type of letterbox sometimes comes with a lock which can help boost privacy and security. This locking mechanism is also ideal for homeowners with young kids and/or pets.

The simplest way to choose a letterbox based on its design is to opt for one that matches the exterior of your property. For example, if the overall theme of your home is rustic or vintage, you may want to opt for a letterbox that echoes these themes. On the other hand, if you want your letterbox to stand out from the rest of the property or if you have a home that has a modern and minimalist design, you may want to choose a brick in variety aluminium letterbox.

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