Facts About Aerial Photography You Should Know

04Aerial photography is known professionally in various field studies which include cartography, archaeology, landing use plans, military economic espionage, advertising and cinematography. It’s also an interesting hobby practiced by hobbyists and professionals alike today. It was first done in 1858 by Nadar, a french balloonist who made pictures over Paris and was also predominantly used during the first world war by the army. It has remained a good and efficient art of taking photographs.

It involves taking pictures on ground with cameras mounted on air crafts, balloons, helicopters just to mention a few. Nevertheless, for an amateur who cannot afford paying for a plane, he or she can buy an astro-cam or some oracle rocket and continue enjoying aerial photography as a hobby. Companies have not been left out in this and they have small radio controlled air crafts used for this purpose since flight over residential places is restricted at certain heights.

In evaluation of buildings or large properties, aerial photography plays an important role and this is best achieved when the photos are taken from a helicopter. The reason behind this is quite straight forward i.e. a helicopter can stay still and therefore create a better environment for taking pictures compared to an ordinary plane.

Info Trivia Resource: http://www.goaerials.ae


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