How Important Are Business Apps Today?

03In today’s world of business arena, mobile marketing is fast rising and is considered to be a top effective and affordable method in getting your brand ahead of your competitors. The need to build or create your own app brings in more benefits in terms of sales and audience reach. Every day, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people accessing information from their mobile devices. While websites are still relevant and important to ensure good online presence, they are only considered to be a showcase of information. Having business apps seals the deal of engaging your valued customers to your products and services. In addition, the investment of an app offers a great marketing tool to create content for your blog and social media sites, controlling your loyalty campaigns, rewarding your customers in real time and connecting with them through free push notifications. The push notification feature alone is worth the investment of building or having an app built for you. Push notifications are permission based advertising to all customers who have downloaded the app and wish to hear about discount, promotions and new products. They can be sent out instantly and have over 90% open and read rate.

Building your own app on a pre-designed platform can cost you just a couple of hundred dollars for both platforms, but will require an investment of time and energy.

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