Do Mobile Phones Pose Threat To Health?

03Mobile phones are used widely in the world and the invention of pocket sized mobile phones startled the implementation of mobile phones into our daily lives. There are people who have a certain kind of emotional attachment to their mobile phones who think that they would rather die than not use mobile at all. This might sound crazy but based on recent studies, there is some truth to this.

Numerous studies and tests have also been conducted to check whether mobiles pose threat to humans. The controversy and debates over the effects of usage mobile phones and their possibility to cause brain diseases are of special interest of scientists, communication workers and ordinary people. According to some researchers, using a mobile phone has no direct effect on getting malignant brain diseases. The harmful effect of mobile phone is achieved through their thermal effect. This type of radiation causes dielectric heating which heats up living tissue – your one part of the head will be warm.

There are still problems with finding any credible source that claims that cell phones are dangerous. Since news media are no longer reliable resources of knowledge as they are searching otherwise attract public attention. For now, it’s better to disconnect from these gadgets from time to time and choose real social interaction with your friends.

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