Things To Avoid When Hiring Employees

05When you recruit your employees for your business, your level of knowledge and experience in the hiring process may not be as good as you would like. As such, you may be unsure how to select and shortlist resumes. You might also not know the right questions to ask your applicants during the interview process and you may not have experience in knowing how to negotiate salary and employment offers effectively.

Listed below are some mistakes to avoid when hiring employees:

1. Not doing an employee/employment background check. When you recruit someone to help you in your business, you are placing an element of trust in them. They were hired to perform work for you efficiently and diligently. Always remember that you are placing your day-to-day operations in their hands, trusting that they will operate it in an ethical manner. You need them to portray your company in the best possible light to your customers.

2. Failing not to be transparent with your company objectives. One thing to prevent when hiring employees is to frequently fail to discuss the rules, expectations and operational standards of the company. The new recruit may assume that what was acceptable from their past employer would be the same in their new position, when in actual fact it had a very different way of operating. Let employees know up front what your expectations are, prepare the rules in writing and make sure both parties review and sign a copy of the house rules.

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