The Origin Of Sash Windows

200520130456072228_s-283x400Sash windows were believed to have been invented in Holland in the late 17th century. However, based on valuable research work by Dr. Hinte Louw, sash windows could have already been invented earlier in England. Another school said that sash windows originated in France and later spread to England via Holland.

Did you know that the word “sash” came from the French word “chassis” that means frame.

Early Use Of Sash Windows

The earliest-known use of these windows was during the 17th century at Chatsworth, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace. It became very fashionable in old and new buildings with Royal patronage and its adoption by Wren. It became something of a status symbol.

Improvements on the construction of sash windows happened during the 18th century. Glazing bars became thinner – this was considered the most important development. Also, larger panes of glass became popular and the elegant glazing bars today became general.

By the end of the 18th century, the basic construction, which is familiar today, was developed. Sash pullers were likewise set into iron frames with a very solid brass face-plate.

After the World War II, the sash window became rare. The steel spiral balance replaced the pulley and weights, which were considered old-fashioned.

Today, traditional craftsmanship once again in-demand. The construction, along with the installation of sash windows that are aesthetically pleasing and practical, became popular.

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