Ways To Purify Your Water At Home

01Purifying your drinking water at home is one of the most important priorities you have to endure. If you question the purity of the water you are drinking, you may want to follow this process and not just rely on a single technology like filters. Household water treatment and storage includes steps to protect the source of the water you drink, clarification of the water (cloudiness) filtration of dangerous pathogens.

1. Water Source Protection – Chemical filtering is best accomplished through the use of charcoal filters. Charcoal chemically bonds to the chemical impurities in our water and holds on to them so they don’t end up in our drinking glass. Charcoal filters become saturated at some point and must be changed periodically.

2. Sedimentation – Sometimes the water we get from the faucet is cloudy or may have some particle of sand or iron in it. We call this cloudiness “turbidity”. Sedimentation is the process used to reduce the turbidity of the water.

3. Filtration – Filtration methods are probably the most familiar way that we use to clean water in our own homes. Filtration is a physical process which involves passing water through micro-openings in a filter media.

Other methods are easily available in the market today. Aqua Cert is one of the most trusted companies that help provide a clean, safe water to everyone.

Info Trivia Resource: http://www.aquacert.co.uk/


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