The Role Of Executive Coach In Your Life

03Today’s economic environment is demanding even more from the individuals holding executive leadership positions. Doing more with less is the mantra of most organizations. The executive coach serves as an extra pair of eyes, ears and added experience to aid in new and different approaches executives used to meet organizational goals.

Executive coaching is not about process or a program. It’s all about results! The role of the executive coach is to identify the most important outcomes the organization and the person being coached wants to achieve. The executive coach must influence the client to think, communicate and lead in ways that will improve personal and organizational results. Executive coaching is an art, not a science. Good executive coaches have developed the ability to influence and guide their clients to think and act more effectively.

An effective executive coach provides the client with different perspectives and new approaches they can use so they can change their thinking and get the desired and needed results the organization expects for its leaders. Very often the executive coach serves as a sounding board which the client can use to think through ideas and approaches to both immediate and long-range issues.

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