Things You May Not Know About Mailboxes

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letter-box-1204824-1280x960Without the invention of the lowly mailboxes, what would have been the difference of civilization? It would probably be very different. The good thing is, someone had the great idea to invent a sturdy receptacle that can hold the world’s most important and earliest form of communication.

Mailboxes were non-existent before the year 1850s. However, after the invention of postage stamps and after it became widespread, the mailbox started to become necessary. This allowed people more freedom in sending letters to their loved ones or friends. With these stamps, there was no longer a need to purchase postage from any local post office when sending a letter.

When did mailboxes become a necessity?

Mailboxes became important in 1863. This year, the citizens began enjoying Free City Deliver. This means that the people can receive letters to their doorstep without paying.

In the year 1923, it has become mandatory for every homeowners to erect a mailbox or a letterbox in their home to ensure that the people will receive their letters and to make sure that the letter carriers performed their jobs.

What is the right-sized mailbox?

To ensure that mailboxes have uniformity, the U.S Postal Services mandated that all mailboxes for homes should be big enough to accommodate letter envelopes and magazines, and should be sturdy enough to withstand the element. It should also have a feature that will make it possible to notify the owner of the mailbox that there is a letter inside for the recipient or that a package had arrived.


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