Fascinating Facts About Japanese Mini Trucks

Suzuki_Carry_4WDDid you know that Japanese mini trucks are also known as Kei trucks or Keitora? These are tiny but practical 4WD trucks, built to satisfy the Japanese statutory class of light vehicles. Each truck is about 11 ft. long and has a hauling capacity of ½ ton.

Japanese mini trucks weight about 700 kg. When ungoverned, it can reach up to 120 kph. These vehicles are widely used throughout Asia. Some of the used models have appeared in the US for off-road use by hunters and farmers. In Canada, they can be used and licensed as everyday vehicles after they have passed provincial certification inspections.

After a relatively short life, Japanese laws greatly encourage surplussing vehicles. And this has created the import opportunity to fill the consumers demand for affordable, very fuel efficient, and practical vehicles.

Most mini trucks have full enclosed caps, windshield wipers, seat belts, heaters, signals, lights, and AM radios. Some customers have claimed gas mileage in excess of 22.4 km/lt. Apart from that, these mini trucks have fold down sides on the boxes. Moreover, they also have van bodies, scissor lifts, and hydraulic dump. In other words, Japanese mini trucks are very versatile cab forward vehicles.

Trivia Info Resource: www.TS-EXPORT.com


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