Knowing The Different Bearing Types

bearing-640489_960_720Most machines these days have their own bearing. These bearings are used for a variety of purposes. And although small, they actually play a huge part in every machine. And so, it is very important that you know the most common types of bearing and their uses.

– Flexure bearing. This has a motion which is supported by a load element. This load element bends. Flexure bearing joins two other parts.

– Magnetic bearing. As the name implies, this type of bearing supports a load through a magnetic field.

– Fluid bearing. This is a type of bearing which uses gas or liquid for its load. It has two types namely; fluid dynamic bearings and hydrostatic bearings.

– Jewel bearing. By rolling the axle slightly off-center, this bearing uses a metal spindle.

– Rolling-element bearing. This is also known as ball bearing and roller bearing.

– Plain bearing. This type of bearing has specific styles namely; bushing, sleeve bearing, journal bearing, composite bearing and rifle bearing.

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