The Most Common Types Of Catering

cocktails-948353__180 (1)Today, catering is one of the most in demand businesses and one of the fast evolving ones. More and more people today opt for catering not only because they lack the time for preparation but also because they want to take advantage of other benefits that catering provides such as great food and service. Know the most common types of catering below:

– Special events catering. This is, perhaps, the most common one. Most of the time, this type of catering involves not just the food presentation but also the venue decoration depending on the event theme.

– Business catering. This is for business meetings and company seminars. Business owners and organizers hire caterers to take care of the food before or after the business event.

– Industrial catering. This is just like a combination of special events and business catering as this usually involves a huge group of people such as in schools, airlines and hospitals.

– Door to door. This is a personal service wherein your caterer will deliver your chosen food door to door. There is nothing to prepare as all food ordered are ready-to-eat.

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