Interesting Facts about Tongkat Ali

Natural Tongkat AliDid you know that Tongkat Ali is one of the most controversial herbal medicines these days because of the many contradicting and misleading information out there?

What is Tongkat Ali?

It is a flowering plant, more described as a shrub measuring to about 10 meters high that grows typically in the understorey of lowland forests in the Southeast Asian regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

It has many names because it is called differently in all of the countries where it grows. All names commonly refer to the plant’s unique characteristic – a bitter medicinal plant. However, Tongkat Ali is the most popularly used these days across the globe. Tongkat Ali is how they call it in Malaysia. Longjack in the United States. And Eurycoma longifolia in science.

How do they use Tongkat Ali as a medicinal plant?

The root of the plant has been used as a traditional medicine for various health issues among men and women.

It is commonly used as an aphrodisiac, as a health tonic for faster recovery after giving birth and as a relief to fever and stomach problems.

Its flower and fruits are also used in Vietnam to treat dysentery.

A paste of the plant is even applied topically for the relief of headache and stomachache.

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