The Impact of a Creative Marketing Campaign on Absolut Vodka

creative marketing agency

creative marketing agency

Did you know that Absolut Vodka holds the longest uninterrupted ad campaign of all time?

Such campaign, The Absolut Bottle, featured bottles in the wild. The vodka company kept running such campaign for 25 years. Within that span of time, it created a total of 1,500 different ads for such one bottle.

Before such remarkable print ads appeared, the company had very little share in the vodka market, with only 2.5 percent. The product looked very boring but it is now the most recognizable bottle across the globe. Their marketing campaign was so effective that they were able to present their product in a very creative way; and customers accepted and patronized it over the years.

Their phenomenal marketing ads stopped in the late 2000s. At that time, they were importing millions of cases each year (4.5 million to be exact) which was just half of all the imported vodka in the United States.

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