Interesting Facts About TRAKMAT®

supamats04The TRAKMAT® is probably the most versatile of all mat systems today. It can actually be used for lots of applications. Wherever you may consider using plywood, this light to medium duty mat system proves to work much better. Made from 100% recycled HD Polyethylene, they are among the toughest materials in the market today.

The TRAKMAT® is believed to have the features you want from a traction mat system – flexibility so it won’t easily break, convenience, and unaffected by cold or hot temperatures. Accessories will include connectors to build them in a pad or roadway. In fact, there is an option for your special events as well.

Benefits Of This Excellent Mat System

  • Corner holes for the connectors
  • Excellent hand cutouts for lifting
  • Can withstand the weight of heavy machinery and vehicles
  • Come in light color or utility black
  • Made from 100% original material
  • Has leading cleat design
  • UV protected for extended life and usage

If you need an event walkway, know that they have a version of perfect for such – the “Ped” Mat. One side has a closely spaced traction pattern while the other side has the customary pattern. There are no hand cutouts on this design to prevent pedestrians from tripping off.

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