Different Types Of Exhibition Display Stands

international-stand-contractor-300x199New exhibition display stands are now being added to the market. Hence, there is already a wide range of presentation stands to select from.

Display Stands To Choose From

Modular Display Stands – Because of their flexibility, these are popular. Some suppliers even include added features at a very low cost. These include video screens, product hooks, and shelving. What is great about this is that they can be customized to your needs. Some of the most popular modular display types are pole displays, panel displays, notice boards, portable office screens, points of purchase, and table top displays.

Pop-up Display Stands – Since they are highly portable, they can be easy on your transportation costs. Some added features for this option include lighting, cases, bags, and accessories for the output. Examples of pop-up displays are fabric kits, tower pop-ups, and pop-up banners.

Banner Systems – This is a new innovation in the realm of exhibition displays. It can easily be hung anywhere. Also, it may be portable. It includes cassette, rollers, rigid and tension banners.

Your choice of stand will greatly depend on lots of factors. By choosing the right exhibition stand, you will be able to greatly focus on other important tasks at your show. Bear in mind that exhibitions are serious, same is true with exhibition stands; thus, make your decisions very carefully.

Trivia Info Resource: tgp.ae


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