Nutrients Found In Breast Milk

complete online resource for mumsHealth experts always recommend that mums breastfeed their babies as soon as they have given birth. A lot of hospitals even place newborn babies just minutes after they were born in the hands of their mums so that they can be breastfed immediately. If there’s no milk coming from a mum’s breast, nurses would ask for the permission of the mother if their baby can be fed by another nursing mum in the hospital. Some hospitals also stock viable breast milk in suitable storages and they use these to feed babies whose mums can’t provide sufficient amount of milk.

What’s Found In Breast Milk?

Breast milk contains nutrients that infants will certainly benefit from. But what exactly are these nutrients?

The nutrients found in breast milk differ according to the stage when the mother produces the milk.

As soon as you have given birth, your breast will produce colostrum – milk that is pale yellow in colour. Colostrum is high in antibodies that some people call it a baby’s first immunisation. It also contains high levels of protein, minerals, salt, vitamin A, nitrogen, and certain antibodies.

Two to four days after you have given birth, your breast will start producing mature milk. Mature milk contains water, protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids fat, carbohydrates, enzymes, and white cells. Over the course of feeding, breast milk changes from foremilk – milk that is high in water and lactose – to hindmilk – milk that is high in fat and calories.

Studies show that breast milk contains more than 200 known beneficial elements. And all of these are beneficial to the health of an infant.

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