Little Known Facts About Weddings


Weddings may vary from one tradition or culture to another. Still, wedding ceremonies happen to celebrate the union of 2 persons who love each other.

Wedding Facts

In the United States, did you know that there is no religious dictate or lawn saying that bride must take the groom’s last name? Still, 70% of Americans agree that a bride must change her last name. The marriage can be void if you fail to tell your prospective spouse about having a physical impairment or venereal disease.

Early Roman brides carry herbs under their veils to symbolize fertility and fidelity and to ward off evil. It is believed that these herbs were the precursor to the modern bridal bouquet.

In Eastern cultures, white is considered the color of mourning; hence, white wedding dresses are not common.

Did you know that Las Vegas is the top wedding destination with more than 100,000 weddings annually? It is followed by Hawaii at 25,000 weddings every year.

The veil symbolizes the bride’s virginity and youth. Also, the veil hides the bride from jealous spirits. Before, the veils could be yellow, blue or red. But during the Victorian era, the modern white veil became popular as a symbol of modesty and purity.

During the ancient times, guests would tear off part of the bride’s gown as tokens of good luck. And this has led to the tradition of the bride throwing her bouquet and garter.

Did you know where the phrase “tying the knot” came from? It actually originated from an ancient Babylonian custom wherein threads from the clothes of the bride and groom will be tied in a knot to symbolize the union of the couple.

Morganatic marriage – do you know what this means? This refers to the union of a person of royal blood with one of the inferior rank. This is otherwise known as “left-hand marriage”.

The superstition that the groom must not see his bride before the wedding originates from the days when marriages were arranged. The groom may never have seen the bride. He may bolt if he saw her. Other sources say seeing the bride in her dress can bring bad luck.

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