Interesting Facts About Synthetic Turf

Mid-West-CoolSynthetic turf is a grass-like covering which replicates lush natural grass in function and appearance. If this is used on sports fields, it will certainly provide a consistent year-round, all-weather playing surface that can withstand extended use without downtime for recovery. When used as a landscape cover, this will provide a weed-free, low maintenance ground cover.

Synthetic Turf Facts

Today, most synthetic turf systems installed have a drainage layer, resilient grass blades, and a multi-layered backing system. The blades are often infilled with a granular filler in order to look and appear like natural.

What does “infilled” mean? This means that the blades have a top soil made from granulated recycled tire rubber or other infill materials providing the needed uniformity, stability and resiliency. Every blade stands above the infill material. In fact, there are some turf systems that will include a pad or perhaps an elastic layer under the turf, usually combined with lower pile heights and less infill.

The New Generation Of Synthetic Turf

The first artificial turf used in the 1960s and 1970s were hard. Few decades later, significant advancements were made. The synthetic turf made today are already supported by plenty of international sports federations, combined with the playing characteristics, the advantages of increased playability, and the look & feel of natural turf.

Be reminded though that all synthetic turf products are not created the same. They range in various feel and infill materials.

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