Foods That Can Cause An Acne Breakout

acne breakout-causing foodsEverybody has been through an acne breakout. Teenagers, in particular will suffer recurring bouts of this common skin problem.

Different factors can be attributed to an acne breakout. But certain kinds of food can trigger and even worsen this annoying skin condition.

Which types of foods have been known to cause acne breakouts? Read them below:

Foods with high glycemic index. Examples of these foods include donuts, white bread, and pretzels. These types of food can increase your blood sugar levels and make you prone to breakouts. High blood sugar stimulates your body to pump out insulin. This triggers a cascade of hormonal effects including higher levels of androgens (the acne-causing male hormones), excess oil, and increased skin cell production – all of which lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

Salt. Consuming too much salt can dehydrate your skin and cause it to swell. This condition also makes it more difficult for your skin to heal acne

Shellfish. Crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and mussels are high in iodine content, which leads to clogged pores and acne. Shellfish also contains some minerals that can create irritation within your skin. If you already have clogged or congested pores, eating shellfish will also accelerate the formation of inflamed pimples.

Dairy products. If you regularly have breakouts on your chin, jawline, and neck, milk may be the cause. Since milk may aggravate this skin condition, any kind of dairy product that contains milk such as cheese, ice cream, and cream sauce, can also cause or aggravate an acne breakout.

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