Most Common Sandwiches In Dubai

1762Dubai is known to be one of the most thriving cities all over the world. Therefore, most individuals do not have the time to do other tasks such as cooking. So, one of the best options is to go to a restaurant and order a sandwich.

Sandwich is one of the best options since it is light on the stomach and easy to eat. Apart from that, there are also a lot of sandwiches to choose from in Dubai. Below are some of the following.


If you want to enjoy a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, your best option is Falafel. It includes ground chickpeas combined with vegetables, and wrapped around a slice of pita bread. Commonly, Falafel has tahini-based sauce, but you can create your own sauce to satisfy your taste.

Hotdog sandwich

Hotdog sandwich is another favourite in Dubai since hotdog sandwiches offer different flavours from smoked, fried, or even blended with artificial flavouring.


Another popular sandwich individuals enjoy is hamburgers. This sandwich features a juicy beef patty with tomatoes, lettuce, and onion. Some burgers even make use of other ingredients to make it tastier.

Open-faced sandwich

Open-faced sandwiches have only one slice of bread and do not have a patty on top to cover the filling or spread. The spread on the sandwich varies from country to country.


Panini is one of the most iconic sandwiches in the world. The sandwich presents salami, ham, cheese, or mortadella and is commonly pressed into a grill to create a flavour that lasts longer on the tongue.

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