Most Common Casket Materials

box-294121_960_720When it comes to caskets, people really have different tastes and preferences. Depending on a person’s financial state, the materials used in a casket may vary. However, there are also those that are considered as the most common ones. Check them out below:

– Fiberglass. This is, perhaps, the best material for caskets. Fiberglass is of high quality and cannot be easily damaged or ruined.

– Steel. Steel caskets are very common in the US. They prefer this type of material simply because it is very durable and not very expensive as compared to fiberglass. Steel caskets can also be easily customized.

– Pine boards. For a typical funeral, caskets made from pine boards are very common. Many people choose this general material for caskets because it is very practical money-wise.

– Cherry wood. Cherry wood is very hard and durable. Hence, many people prefer this type of wood to be used for their loved one’s casket.

– Mahogany wood. Mahogany is another type of hardwood that is often used for caskets. Although this may cost a little higher than the ordinary caskets made from pine boards, more and more people opt for mahogany wood as this reflects elegance.

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