Fascinating Facts About Eye Shadow

You would probably want to dress your eyes beautifully if these are your windows to your soul. And this is where eye shadows come into play. They can make your eyes sparkle and gorgeous.

Fun Facts And Tips About Eye Shadow

Eye ShadowEgyptians started using it. About 12,000 years ago, the very first eye shadow was born. Ancient Egyptian ladies like Cleopatra made used of a substance called “kohl” on their eyes.

It’s made from precious stones. Eye shadow as known as “focus” and was made from malachite and ultra-marine stones. However, only Grecian women used this. Later on, the Greeks exported their makeup products to other Mediterranean nations.

It is not fat-free. Did you know that plenty of beauty products, which include eye shadow, shampoo, and foundation, have tallow? This is an animal fat.

It has metal content. Micah is one of the main ingredients of modern eye shadow. This is metal in powder form. Be aware that the more shimmer in the shadow, the more it contains micah.

It has a long shelf-life. Although mascara must be tossed every 3 months, powder eye shadow lasts much longer. Experts actually claim that you can use it for 2 years.

During the fashion revolution in 1920s, modern version of eye shadows was born. After that, chemists discovered a way to use mineral ingredients that can remove unwanted effects of past eye shadow products like irritation. Eye shadow then became an important part of worldwide fashion.

Trivia Info Resource: www.themakeover.me


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