The Most Popular Types Of Massage

Injury_168_251_sha_bor5_C86605_tl_15_bl_15_br_15Many people just love having a massage. It relaxes, energizes and soothes every aching muscle in their body. It is no wonder why you can see a lot of massage clinic these days. However, not all of them provide the same type of massage therapy. Check out the most popular types of massage offered in most massage clinics today.

– Swedish massage. This is the kind of massage that uses long strokes and circular movements on the layers of your muscles using massage oil or lotion.

– Aromatherapy massage. This is best for soothing, relaxing and stress-reducing. This type of massage also uses essential oils such as lavender.

– Deep tissues massage. This type of massage is for treating injury, postural problems, strains and muscle pains. This uses slow strokes with friction techniques.

– Thai massage. This massage is used to align the energy of the body. It uses gentle pressure on specific body points, stretches and compressions.

– Reflexology or foot massage. This is the type of massage that applies pressure on certain points on the foot that correspond to certain systems and organs in your body.

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