The Invention Of Chiropractic Techniques

Spinal ManipulationThe term “chiropractic” was named by Samuel Weed. It was a combination of the words “cheiros” and “praktikos” which means “done by hand”. Alternative medicine became popular because of the dangerous remedies which are being sold at the time. Such remedies contained morphine and mercury – the effects of such substances were toxic and addictive. It was in the 1930s that chiropractic became the largest alternative healing profession in the US.

The Person Who Invented Chiropractic Techniques

Harvey Lillard lost his hearing in 1878 after something popped in his spine. It was only 17 years later that Daniel David Palmer who is a magnetic healer, figured out that Lillard’s impaired hearing was caused by a lump on his back. With some adjustments, Lillard can hear again, and Palmer became the very first chiropractor. Shortly after, Palmer also healed a man with heart problem using a similar technique.

The underlying philosophy of chiropractic described that the body is like a machine wherein the parts of the body can be manipulated for it to cure itself without drugs. Palmer strongly believed that spinal manipulation is capable of curing all kinds of illnesses.

Similar any new innovation, Palmer’s theories and techniques weren’t accepted by the medical community in an instant. In fact, he was even called a quack and was jailed for practicing medicine without having a license.

Today, chiropractic techniques became more specific and that you can already find many chiropractors working with physical therapists and medical doctors in sports medicine, occupational health, and rehabilitation centres.

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