Remarkable Facts About Dance

Professional dancers today are regarded as athletes because of the high amount of injuries attached to dancing. But despite this, dancing is proven to benefit your health. It improves brain function, lowers the chances of blood vessel and heart diseases, enhances posture, and reduces tension and stress.

Dance History And Other Facts

Latin DanceThe first archeological proof of dance came from the 9,000 year old cave paintings in India. Structured dance was first introduced in religious ceremonies telling stories of ancient gods and myths.

Waltz became popular in the mid-19th century by the efforts of Johann Strauss, a famous composer. However, its origins can be traced back in the 16th century. At first, it was performed with arm’s length between female and male dancers. The transition to the close embrace happened after English Queen Victoria loved the dance and forced such change.

One of the most popular ceremonious and religious dances in China and surrounding countries of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan is the Lion Dance. This signifies the bringing of good fortune, warding off evil spirits, and showcasing martial arts proficiency.

In Europe, modern dance started with Renaissance when plenty of new dances were invented. In fact, even people in wheelchairs dance. Today, there are competitions in Latin dances using special wheelchair choreographies.

Polka is among the dances that managed to change completely the landscape of dance history. Such energetic dance is meant for young women who loved to jump and turn swept across the world in the 19th century.

Tango is without a doubt the most sensual dance of modern times. It originated in Argentina in the 1890s. It became very successful in Europe.

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