Brighten Your Curiosity With These Light Facts

Did you know that 2015 is the International Year of Light? This year was designated by the United Nations to learn as well as appreciate the optical phenomena. It is quite interesting to know some of the little known facts about light.

Light Facts You Must Know

LightsThe Centennial Light in California is the longest-lasting light bulb in the world. It has reportedly been burning since 1901 with several interruptions during power failures.

Visible light is only a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which the human eyes can see. This is actually what makes LED lights very efficient. As opposed to incandescent bulbs, LEDs can just emit visible light.

Did you know that fireflies emit cold light? This was made possible through a chemical reaction with near-1000-percent efficiency. In fact, scientists are working to mimic the design of the nature to make LEDs more effective.

If light passes through different substances, it will slow down and bend – this is otherwise known as refraction. This is actually how a lens can greatly focus beams on a single point to fry an ant.

Do you know how rainbows are made? It becomes visible when light enters water droplets in the air, gets refracted, is reflected in the droplet, and refracted once again when leaving it.

In 1879, Niagara Falls was electrically lit for the very first time. Lights with illumination equivalent to 32,000 candles were used. These days, lights at the Falls are equal to 250 million candles.

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