Microphones And Their Types: Program Presenter Tips

Microphones And Their Types: Program Presenter TipsMicrophone is the very best friend of a program presenter on stage. Did you know that this device converts sound waves into an electric signal? Check below the types of microphone and how they convert sound to electric signals.

The Carbon Microphone
This type of microphone is widely used in telephone communications. It has sensitive element that consist of a mass of carbon granules through which a small direct current is passed. When sound waves strike through the microphone, the carbon particles move in response to the pressure variations of the sound. This causes corresponding changes in the electrical resistance of the mass of carbon granules.

The Dynamic Microphone
Most of this type has a diaphragm to which the coil is attached. Sound vibrations cause a light coil of wire to move within a magnetic field, thereby inducing a voltage in the coil. When the diaphragm vibrates in response to the sound waves, the coil is moved within the magnetic field and an alternating voltage is developed across its terminals.

The Velocity Microphone
This employs a light metallic ribbon suspended in the air gap of a strong magnet. The ribbon moves in response to the sound waves. This motion through the magnetic field induces the desired voltage across the ends of the ribbon.

Technology has a great influence on how microphones work these days. You would see emcees using wireless pieces. Some even has the capability to change the voice.

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