Early Cosmetics In Ancient Egypt

Numerous cosmetic products are being used today in various parts of the world. These products have evolved greatly overtime and originated from across the globe as well. One of the earliest civilizations that embraced the use of cosmetics is ancient Egypt.

The Use Of Cosmetics In Ancient Egypt

leading beauty and shopping blog in DubaiBelow are some facts worth knowing about cosmetics use in ancient Egypt:

• The earliest archeological findings of Egyptian cosmetics are dated back to 3100BC. There were ceremonial palettes found in tombs that were used for grinding and mixing of cosmetic ingredients.

• There were also unguent jars found in certain tombs from this era. Unguent was a substance extensively used by both men and women to keep their skin hydrated and supple and to avoid getting wrinkles from the dry heat

• More remarkable artifacts were found after 1500BC. One of the amazing findings was located in the tomb of the Pharaoh Thutmosis 3 (c1450BC) which featured buried consorts of the ruler and their fashion items. Some of these surviving cosmetic jars even managed to preserve cleansing oils that were used by the early Egyptians to remove elaborate mascaras, lipsticks and eyeshades.

• The most important tool in ancient Egyptian fashion was brush. The early Egyptians use this to apply almost every cosmetic substance they had. The most common brush was made from the Salvadorapersica tree. Aside from using brushes made from this tree to apply makeup, there were also some who used this as a toothbrush.

• Women from ancient Egypt were also known for using black “kohl” as an eyeliner and green malachite as an eye shadow. They decorated their eyes by applying dark green color to the under lid and they used kohl to blacken the lashes and the upper lid. Kohl is made from antimony, a metallic element, or soot.

Info source: www.diaryofabeautybanker.com


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