The Most Severe Forms Of Swimming Pool-Related Injuries

trusted safety training centre in the UAENo one can resist the temptation of a swimming pool. Who can withstand the call of the cool, clear and pristine water found in the pool? More often than not, when you see a swimming pool, you immediately put on your swimwear and take a dip.

But no matter how much you love swimming pools, you still need to be extra careful when you are in or near one. This is to avoid getting hurt in such areas. Below are the most common injuries that can happen in and around a swimming pool:

1. Drowning and near drowning – In the USA, on average, nine individuals are killed by drowning. Kids between the ages of 1-12 are at the greatest risk of drowning in public and private swimming pools. Various studies also show that drowning is the second leading cause of accident related deaths amongst children under the age of 15.

2. Brain damage caused by traumatic head injury – There are various ways a person can sustain a serious brain injury in or around a pool area. These include slip and fall accidents, near drowning and oxygen deprivation to the brain, falls from defective diving board or improperly installed swimming pool slides. Brain injuries can result in permanent physical and mental incapacities that usually require nursing care and home support.

3. Spinal cord injuries – Spinal cord damage can also happen due to slip and fall accidents – common occurrences in the pool area. Spinal cord injuries can also result in an injured person’s permanent disabilities.

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