Fascinating Facts About Internet Marketing

Internet marketing certainly has some interesting and fun facts. And with the rapid growth of digital marketing these days, it is quite interesting to be aware of such facts.

Must-Knows About The History Of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing
In 1971, the very first email with an “@” symbol was sent by Ray Tomilinson. Before, this symbol means that the message was sent to a person, not to a machine. In 1978, the first mass blast email message for DEC System 2020 was sent to 600 recipients.

Before it was known as The Facebook, the face of Al Pacino was the original FB homepage. The site’s homepage was featuring a man’s face, which was seemingly a manipulation of Al Pacino’s photo. Among the early integral features of Facebook was Wirehog, a file sharing service. However, because of privacy concerns, it was taken offline.

Did you know that Twttr was the original name of Twitter? Few months before it was launched, the founders have decided to change the name and rebrand. It was in 2009 that Google’s first tweet was sent. It was binary code for “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

When it comes to Twitter followers, Kate Perry, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have more followers than the entire population of most countries like Turkey, Canada, Egypt, Germany, South Africa, and Argentina.

The owner of Gmail.com was Garfield. It was later offered as a free email service.

Trivia Info Resource: www.seosherpa.com


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