All About Canapés

All About Canapés The Origin of the Word
Canapé is a French word and its English translation is couch. Because pieces of toast topped with tasty treats looked like a couch or a bit like sofas, this borrowed the word came about.

Defining Canapés
Generally, an appetizer with bread base can be called a canapé. These are made by cutting toast in various shapes and garnishing it with savory foods. Aside from toast, cracker, or small slices of bread can also be used. Typical garnish are cheese, meat, purees, foie gras, veggies or relish.

Hot And Cold Canapes
Canapés are a great finger food. A huge plate of canapés would bring a lot of life to any party. They may be served either hot or cold. Traditionally, when bars served canapés they make them salty or spicy in order for customers to buy more drinks.

Cold canapés are refreshing treat during the warmer months. If you are having a party, you can prepare these treats some days before. Just make sure you have enough space in your fridge to store them. Hot canapés on the other hand are perfect in the cooler seasons. As the host, you have to cook and serve these immediately to your guests.

A combination of hot and cold canapés can be served. If you are hosting an event soon, it is best to plan your menu with your catering service.

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