Most Common Types Of Catering

food tipsFor most people who are tasked to plan for parties and other types of gatherings, opting for a catering service seems to be a very smart move. It does not only save them time but effort and money as well. There are actually at least 4 types of catering which are considered very common. Check them out below.

– Wedding catering. For most weddings, getting a catering service is really a smart choice. It is even considered more of a necessity than a convenience seeing that the soon-to-be married couple already has a lot of things to do and getting a catering service is indeed a smart move.

– Social event catering. This includes birthdays, thanksgiving parties and other social events. People just love the idea of leaving it all to the experts, and this includes food preparations.

– Corporate catering. This is becoming very popular these days. Businesses usually host meetings, trainings and seminars. And during these events, serving food is a must. Getting the services of a catering company is a huge help.

– Concession catering. This type of catering is for public events where a lot of people are present. Having catered food such as burgers, hotdogs and ice cream is always a great idea.

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