Fascinating Facts About Bubble Wraps

Bubble WrapDid you know that bubble wraps were primarily designed to be used as wallpapers? It was invented by Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes in Hawthorne, New Jersey in 1957. They were actually trying to create textured wallpaper by sealing two shower curtains together in a way that it’ll capture air bubbles that would make the textured appearance of the wallpaper. However, this idea did not sell too well.

After that, they have another idea for using what they invented – to use if as greenhouse insulation. Since bubble wrap by itself does not create an excellent insulating effect, this idea likewise was a failure.

The Perfect Use For Bubble Wrap

3 years after the initial creation of bubble wrap, Frederick W. Bowers who works as a marketer at Sealed Air finally came up with the perfect usage for this product. His idea was to use it as a good packaging material to protect the computer while being shipped or transported. He then shared his idea to IBM and demonstrated the protective capabilities of bubble wraps. Because of his excellent demonstration, IBM started to protect their new 1401 variable word length computer along with their other fragile products.

Composition Of Bubble Wraps

Bubble wrap is made of a plastic. Biodegradable bubble wraps are derived from recycled plastic resins; thus, they break down over time in landfills. There are also some that include vapors within the bubbles in order to protect electronic parts and metal from corrosion while they are being stored.

Trivia Info Resource: www.intouchrelocations.com


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