The Origin Of Indoor Cycling Machines

leading online supplier of high quality fitness equipmentBiking is one of the outdoor sports or activities that offer a lot of health and fitness benefits. However, not that many people love staying under the sun for hours to ride their bikes or breathe the heavily polluted air while they are cycling around the city. Riding your bike can also be quite dangerous, especially in high-traffic areas, since there is the risk that you might get into an accident.

If you want to experience the benefits of biking but don’t want to do it outside, the best solution, of course, is to take up indoor cycling. Indoor cycling is a type of exercise wherein you use a stationary bike specifically designed for indoor cycling.

The History Of Indoor Cycling

Johnny Goldberg, aka Johnny G, a South African born endurance athlete, is credited as the person who started indoor cycling in California, USA, in the late 1980s. Johnny was preparing for the “Race Across America” and needed a form of training that he could complete irrespective of the weather. He needed an alternative to outdoor cycle training during the cold seasons and before long, he came up with the idea of using a stationary bike. He created the first stationary bike with a weighted flywheel that simulated an outdoor bike.

Later on, Johnny G teamed up with bike manufacturers Schwinn to design and build a bike suitable for indoor cycling and a training programme to accompany it called Spinning®. This training programme then became a huge hit in the USA and across the world.

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