Priceless Wedding Proposals That Have Gone Pricey

Proposal BotiqueAs of now, there are numerous ways to propose to your partner. However, you need to spend time in order to create a unique and wonderful proposal plan. Apart from spending time, it is also important to spend an ample amount of money to make your wedding proposal more romantic. But, there are individuals who have pushed proposal ideas to its limits by spending sizeable amount of money. Listed below are some of the most expensive wedding proposals.

Saying “Yes” at Gravity Zero

A 90-minute trip on a specially designed Boeing 727 aircraft costs $3,500 per person. Graciela Asturias, an architect from Manhattan, received this unique birthday present from his fiancé, Alex. But, this is not just a birthday present but also a perfect time for Alex to propose. As the plane reached gravity zero, Alex popped the question and obtained a sweet “Yes” from Graciela.

Acting to make her lady say “Yes”

Hiring a theatre to help you propose can be very pricey. However, Gennady Zaleskiy continued his idea of hiring a theatre company for his proposal. Paying over $15000, Gennady became the leading man in the show “The Romantics.” During the show, Gennady appeared with a mask to declare his love for his lady. Eventually Gennady turned around with his face to his girlfriend and said: “No, the woman I love is called Victoria and she is in the sixth row. Will you marry me Victoria?”

iPhone 6S proposal gone bad

Another unique and expensive way to propose is with the use of smart phones. A Chinese programmer spent over $82000 to purchase 99 iPhone6S to create a heart shape to propose to his lady. However, this proposal idea did not win the heart of her lady, leaving him behind.

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